This one’s for me. And for anyone who needs it.

Who are the people who make your daily life worth more? Who are those who make your life easier and more joyful? Who are those who bring you wisdom and make living meaningful? Who are those who bring you tears and teach you the meaning of painful? Who are those who love you and who are those who are hateful?

Appreciate them all. Appreciate the kindness and goodness most. The chance of you meeting and experiencing part of life with these unique combinations of organic matter in humans in the many multiverses, parallel dimensions and planets that exist, is one in an infinity of possibilities. Treasure the people you have met.

Treasure the memories. Treasure the love. Treasure the joy and even treasure the pain. Treasure the lessons. Everyone matters. Life is too short to be going to bed in tears or regretful thoughts. Hold that tongue, kill that temper, dissolve that vengeful mind, forget the past, heal your soul and love.

Be grateful. It makes the world an easier place for you to live in. Be so grateful that you’re always happy within no matter how difficult life gets.


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