10 Ways to Survive (early) Adulthood

This is purely for those between 20 and 30 years of age. I believe the responsibilities list gets longer when the next decade starts and I am nobody to speak of it. Thus, I am only sticking with my age group.

10. Have A Hobby


I don’t just mean shallow and self-obsessive selfie-posting on Instagram. That is not a hobby, that is a sickness that even I just recovered from.

I mean, seriously, have a legitimate hobby. Have an actual hobby that would completely take your mind off everything when times are bad and you need a distraction.

9. Talk to Yourself


YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Everyone has that inner narrator. You are your best company. There are some inner thoughts which we cannot share with others. So, talk to yourself!

8. Have Savings

download (1).jpg

You need money. You’re not a subsistence farmer or Tarzan, you definitely need money! Have enough savings to last you for at least a few months. This is just considering the worst case scenario of losing a job or having a pause to your usual supply of income.

7. Have a Close Group of Friends

Happy group of friends, family with dog and cat jumping together

Okay, maybe just even one or two close friends will do! But you need them! They form one of the important segments of our support systems as humans. The issues that we may not be able to discuss with our families can be discussed with genuine and trustworthy friends who can, then, help us.

6. Be There For Those You Care About


Be there for your loved ones when they need you. Whether or not they’ll be there for you in return is not an issue. Just be there for them because, then, internally, you will form a positive opinion of yourself and that adds to your own inner strength and willpower to overcome life’s challenges.

5. Appreciate Nature


Take the time to actually really accept and appreciate nature. When we can accept nature and appreciate it, we are closer to developing a mindset which accepts and can appreciate life the way it unfolds.

4. Have a Positive Mind


Never say Never. That’s all there is to it. Always pick yourself up and move forward. Keep fighting on. Wake up every morning after every sleep and fight your battles. As simple as that.

3. Have a Job That You Love


Here’s the game changer. Most young adults feel sluggish and demotivated because they’re either over-stimulated or under-stimulated at a job they do not quite like.

Being choiceless is not the way to be. Having a job that makes us feel passionate and motivated aids in regulating our general mood climate in life during this period. It spurs on internal, spiritual and intellectual growth that is necessary for later years.

2. Don’t Stop Learning


This is the best time to take up the challenge of acquiring new skills and knowledge. We are old enough to maintain discipline and young enough to explore. Take up a course, start a new degree major, whatever that floats your boat and adds value to your skill set, Do It!

1. Love

download (2)

ABOVE ALL, Love. Love yourself, Love those around you, Love what you do and Love living. That is the best way to live and survive through tough times as a young adult!


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